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Eye of the Gecko

Special Behaviors and Human Significance

Max & Jessy
Live, Eat or be Eaten
Special Behaviors and Human Significance
Gecko Acrostic Poem

Special Behaviors
  • sit on owner shoulders or head
  • study prey before attack
  • refuse to lay on back

Benificial Effects
  • consumes insects - no overpopulation
  • great pet - liked to be handeled
  • supports food chain for owls and snakes etc.



  • wax worms can eat through the belly of a Leopard Gecko
  • heat rocks are good for Leopard Geckos


  • when wax worms are eaten whole - digested quickly
  • will sit on rocks and burn stomach

Harmful Effects
  • parasites transferable to humans


States Using Lizards as Offical Reptile
  • no country or state uses the Leopard Gecko 
  • New Mexico - Whiptail Lizard
  • Texas - Horned Lizard.

Whip Tail Lizard