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Eye of the Gecko

Max & Jessy
Live, Eat or be Eaten
Special Behaviors and Human Significance
Gecko Acrostic Poem

Elkins-Kohn, Micah
Science 5
December 17, 2004

     Welcome my future scholars.  The information contained here in this most brain intensifying web site will allow you to become further educated about the Eublepharis Macularius.  ( Binomial Nomeclature ) This most formal name derives from the one who has true eye lids and is spotted. 

     By its most personal friends, the Eublephairis Macularius  is known as the Leapord Gecko ( Common Name.) 
Introducing ...  MAX AND JESSY

Max and Jessy on the Hunt

     Max and Jessy are classified as Vertiebrates because they have spine.  If they did not have a spine, they would be classified as invertibrates. 
     Due to the body shape of Max and Jessy,  they are classified as bylateral.  Their left side of their body is a mirror image of the right side.

     Max and Jessy classified as:
  • Kingdom     Animalia
  • Phylum       Chordata
  • Class          Reptilia
  • Order         Squamata
  • Suborder   Sauria
  • Faimily    Gekkonide
  • Genus      Eublepharis
  • Species     Macularius